We are the apex of European Virtual aviation, our operational times have topped the charts since the beginning


Nasz system jest oparty na iCrew v4 LITE, jest to zaawansowany system wirtualnych linii lotniczych na świecie.


We aim to simulate EuroLot airlines in the highest degree possible, our schedules and fleet are always up to date.


Our backend crew center is built on iCrew v4. That means you have the most powerful virtual airline experience at your disposal. We offer an unmatched, realistic experience.


Range of routes to worldwide destinations with modern fleets.


We're always here to assist you along your journey. With decades of experience in the flight simulation community as well as real world experience, we can help you navigate this new adventure.

Why choose Eurolot Virtual?

EuroLot Virtual was founded in February 2019 in an attempt to give pilots what they want out of a virtual airline.. realism. Here at Eurolot Virtual, we want you to enjoy flying, and that means more choices, more events and our automated smartCARS ACARS system that allows our pilots to fly without waiting for their last PIREP to be approved, while providing them with a flight dispatch report after every flight. This new system scores you based on such factors as landing lights on below 10,000ft, overspeed, using your spoilers during landing and more. We are proud to offer you updated, real world schedules, on a monthly basis. Our current database is February 2019. You have over 8,500 American Airlines flights to choose from, departing from our 11 bases, as well as all 13 OneWorld Alliance Airlines, bringing our total schedule database to over 22,000 flights!


Did you land your last flight a little too hard? Has it been close to 10,000 miles? We have a simulated maintenance facility in place to keep your virtual aircraft in the air.

Advanced Schedules Search

Advanced flight search based on all the possibly available parameters like Aircraft, Dep & Arr Airports, Country, Flight time, Flight distance, Flight type.

Tours & Special Operations

Allowing pilots to fly tours and special operations such as VIP executive travel, VFR missons and so on to test the skills of the pilot



See Whats Happening in the VA

Below Are The VA Flight Operation Stats

Upcoming Flights

There are no upcoming departures at the moment.


Latest PIREPs

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot In Command Status PIREP
ELO146/2EPWAEDDF01.49 HrsAdrian SzydlowskiON TIMEAccepted
ELO107/2EPPOEPWA00.49 HrsAdrian SzydlowskiEARLYAccepted
ELO106/2EPWAEPPO00.43 HrsAdrian SzydlowskiEARLYAccepted
ELO103/2EPKTEPWA00.41 HrsAdrian SzydlowskiEARLYAccepted
ELOJUMPEPWAEPRZ0.258 HrsDawid AmbroszczykEARLYAccepted

Eurolot Virtual's Pilot Roster

Warsaw Chopin Airport

ID Country Name Rank Current Location IVAO VATSIM Rank Image View Pilot
ELO0109 British Indian Ocean Territory Leonard Selvaraja Regional First Officer EPWA 506109 152993 Regional First Officer
ELO0102 Poland Adrian Szydlowski Regional First Officer EDDF Not linked Not linked Regional First Officer
ELO0103 Poland Radoslaw Radecki Regional First Officer EPWA 434063 Not linked Regional First Officer
ELO0119 Poland Kuba Batarowicz Regional First Officer EPWA 597895 1436635 Regional First Officer
ELO0120 Poland Jakub Myszka Regional First Officer EPWA Not linked Not linked Regional First Officer
ELO0121 Poland Samir Abu Dayyeh Regional First Officer EPWA Not linked Not linked Regional First Officer
ELO0122 Czech Republic Miloš Michrina Regional First Officer EPWA 512683 Not linked Regional First Officer
ELO0125 Poland Patryk Gr?da Regional First Officer EPWA Not linked Not linked Regional First Officer
ELO0126 Poland Jakub Michna Regional First Officer EPWA Not linked 1377321 Regional First Officer
ELO0128 Norway Dawid Ambroszczyk Regional First Officer EPRZ 599233 1422629 Regional First Officer
ELO0129 Poland Dominik ?ochowski Regional First Officer EPWA Not linked 1411848 Regional First Officer
ELO0130 Poland Aleksander Kotarba Regional First Officer EPWA 442570 1289104 Regional First Officer
ELO0132 Poland Jakub Galazka Regional First Officer EPWA Not linked Not linked Regional First Officer
ELO0134 Tunisia Amine Sa Regional First Officer EPWA Not linked 1459905 Regional First Officer
ELO0135 Poland Patryk B?czkowski Regional First Officer EPWA 607579 607579 Regional First Officer

Live Flights

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Eurolot Virtual

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